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The opvia Team

At the core of the hybrid approach is the opvia team and their unique combination of passion for technology and executive-level leadership qualities.


John Riley

Founder, Strategic Consultant

John serves as Founder, and Strategic Consultant with a focusing of accelerating adoption of new and disruptive technologies. In his previous roles at technology integrators, he was responsible to create various products and service offerings, and subsequently go to market strategies. With over 25 years of technical and business experience with various industries and technologies, John brings unique and broad experience to the table. John is passionate about technology and its possibilities, examining trends to understand subtle and disruptive market shifts.


Mauro Lollo

Senior Strategic Consultant

Mauro Lollo is a recognized technology business leader and entrepreneur. Having founded a leading IT integration firm, he led through many disruptive changes during the evolution of the modern IT industry, building the organization to prominence on a national scale. As a venture capitalist, Mauro maintains involvement in startup ventures and technology incubators.


Glenn Mowat

Senior Strategic Consultant

Glenn is a recognized technology business leader having Contributed to initial formation of Cisco Systems channel Partner Program and then lead the Channel Program in Canada for Cisco Systems. In CEO and COO roles, Glenn has led several IT related companies. With his unique approach, he has continuously created successful environments with very successful results.


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Chris Neill

Strategic Consultant

Chris is a Senior technologist, executive, and sales consultant with over 20 years in the IT and Engineering Industries with many certifications.  Chris also consults and trains on various technologies such as Cloud Architecture, Systems, and Management Business Analytics and Big Data Architectures, IT Automation / Orchestration.

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