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Make Your Product Introduction Fire on All Cylinders

Including a few you didn't know you had!
Go beyond the usual technical education and sales training, and inspire your team with your new product, make them completely confident it delivers on its promise, and arm them with competitive intelligence and specific communications that accelerate market adoption.



Faster to market



Expanded sales pipelines



Shorter sales cycles

You bring unique value to your clients. So why train and educate your team like everyone else does?

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opvia’s Secret Sauce?

The Hybrid Approach: Combine a deep, ‘been there, done that’ understanding of the roots of technology development with a savvy understanding of C-suite decision making.

Research and distill

Research and distill the essence of your new product’s unique value and benefits

Identify customer

Identify customer pain points and the specific solutions the product delivers

Map the competitive

Map the competitive landscape and product positioning

Design and develop

Design and develop precise messaging that translates values, benefits and solutions for the real world

Spark interest

Spark interest, understanding, confidence and excitement with technical and sales enablement and acceleration sessions, workshops and labs targeted for every stakeholder


“I was previously on 2-day internal training and I felt the new product was too complicated. After today’s class, I’m actually going to phone three customers.”


"John is the ultimate technologist.... his years of implementing, designing, architecting, selling and teaching technology uniquely enable him to provide deep insight for topics on technology to marketing to sales."

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