Sales Acceleration


Elevate Your Sales Game

More than just highlighting technology features and benefits, refocus your sales team to deliver pertinent messages and business outcomes targeted to the people who can make the desired decisions.

In other words, give your team a winning game plan.


Viable audience

Identify the most viable audience


Tailor approaches

Tailor approaches to trigger the responses that meet your business goals and outcomes


Build confidence and excitement

Create excitement and confidence through creating a truly Unique Value Proposition


Solve their objections

Even before they have any. Leave landmines behind for your competition.

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You won’t know what your sales team can achieve until you give them the power to achieve it.

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The opvia Game Plan

Use The Hybrid Approach: Build on the momentum of successful technology product launches or re-energize existing sales acceleration efforts. Tailor your sales strategies with a targeted planned approach vs. a “broadcast” approach. Incorporate opvia’s deep ‘been there, done that’ understanding of the technical roots and unique advantages of your product and how to position them to influence your client’s boardroom decisions.

Evaluate your team

Evaluate your team, its current approach, performance, and obstacles

Transform the sales

Transform the sales focus from product-centric towards business outcomes

Relevant communications

Develop specific, relevant communications to specific, relevant targets

Instil confidence

Instil confidence, excitement, and real competitive advantages


“They have an uncanny knack of connecting the dots between technology and business, and across the breadth of the entire portfolio - our own people can't even do that.”


“This is now my third training on this product, and it’s the only one that’s made sense.”

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